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COMING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, 2016! While in the dangerous realm of the Fire Keepers, Iona faces the unknown and begins a greater journey than she ever imagined.

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     IONA FAY: 

     An Irish Fairy Tale 

"To find her mother,

Iona must embrace a world of magic."

Iona Fay, a realistic 14-year-old from the United States, searches for her missing mother in Ireland, only to discover that she's lost to the Fairy World. To find her mother, she must forget everything she knows about reality and embrace a world of magic. For Iona, magic begins with

believing in herself. 

"As a member of her writing group, I've had the pleasure of reading parts of her novel, and I'm excited for the rest."

- Tania del Rio, writer of Warren the 13th and writer/artist of Archie Comics' Sabrina the Teenage Witch


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June, 2016


Welcome to the website of Gayvin Powers, author and screenwriter, where writers and readers come and find their bliss. You're invited to look around, see the latest on Gayvin's Iona Fay series, coaching and advice on writing or attend a writer's workshop to help you unleash your artistic potential. Live Your Dreams!

A believer that "Everyone Has a Story," Gayvin is a writer-in-residence at Weymouth Center, teaches at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst and has written over 50 articles, several to award-winning PineStraw magazine in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Her feature articles tend to focus on compelling local stories and individuals as well as her memories of growing up in an idyllic town on the west coast — similar to the Norman Rockwell town of Southern Pines without the sweet tea and sweltering summers.

She earned an MFA from the American Film Institute, BA from the University of Southern California and was the first writer to win the Ojai Film Society Award, presented by Larry Hagman. After the passing of her mother, she began writing with a greater sense of purpose. Through the telling as a modern fantasy, Iona Fay is a reflection of the loving relationship she shared with her mother and is meant to inspire young readers to believe in themselves. IONA FAY & The Fire Keepers, Book II in the Iona Fay series, is coming out this holiday season, 2016!

Author Photo: Yvette D'Elia (
Iona Fay Illustrations: Su Jen Buchheim ( your paragraph here.

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