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Iona Fay & Fairy Magic
"To find her mother, Iona must embrace a world of magic."


"As a member of her writing group, I've had the pleasure of reading parts of her novel, and I'm excited for the rest." - Tania del Rio, writer and artist of Archie Comics' Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Iona Fay, a realistic, 14-year-old fashionista from the United States, searches for her missing mother in Ireland, only to discover her mother is lost to the Fairy World. To find her mother, she must forget everything she knows about reality and embrace a world of magic. For Iona, real magic begins with believing in herself.


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A believer that "Everyone Has a Story," Gayvin is an exciting monthly contributor to The PineStraw magazine in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Hollywood in the Hills, her monthly column, highlights arts and film in the Sandhills; her feature articles tend to focus on compelling local stories and individuals as well as her memories of growing up in an idyllic town on the west coast -- similar to the Norman Rockwell town of Southern Pines without the sweet tea and sweltering summers.

     Prior to living in North Carolina, Gayvin was the winner of the Ojai Film Society Award for her film, 1916, and was honored by the late Larry Hagman. It was the first time a writer won the award over a director and was voted unanimously the winner.


      Gayvin specializes at transforming grief and loss into words and entertainment. After the passing of her mother, Gayvin delved into the grief process, how it affects people in their lives and how loss becomes a gift when transformed into writing and art. Gayvin took the lessons she learned from her mother's death and began writing with a greater sense of meaning and awareness that she gathered from that experience. Iona Fay is a love letter to her mother, filled with wisdom that she learned from her mother while growing up and is set as a contemporary fantasy book for 9 - 12 year-olds. Iona Fay and Fairy Magic, the first book in the Iona Fay Series, inspires young women to believe in themselves.

Website Photography: Yvette D'Elia (www.yvettedeliaphotography.com)
  Iona Fay Illustrations: Su Jen Buchheim (www.blue-owl.com)
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