Gayvin Powers is a writer-in-residence at the Weymouth Center, teaches at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst and has written over 50 articles, several for the award-winning PineStraw magazine.

She earned an MFA from the American Film Institute, BA from the University of Southern California and was the first writer to win the Ojai Film Society Award, presented by Larry Hagman. After the passing of her mother, she began writing with a greater sense of purpose. Through the telling as a modern fantasy, Iona Fay is a reflection of the loving relationship she shared with her mother and is meant to inspire young readers to believe in themselves.

Iona Fay: an Irish Fairy Tale is for middle grade readers and is the first book in the Iona Fay series in which Iona searches for her missing mother in Ireland. In order to save her mother, Iona must embrace a world of magic. For her, magic begins with believing in herself. 

Iona Fay was written as a love letter to her mother, who passed away when she was 24. The book is designed to be a reflection of the love she shared with her mother as told through an exciting, adventurous, modern fairy tale. Iona experiences family losses that everyone at some point in her/his life will encounter. As a result, Iona was created to help young readers understand grief, life cycles and love as told through an entertaining story. 

Another reason Gayvin wrote Iona Fay is that she was tired of searching for strong female main characters in literature and film. She wrote the character of Iona to be a positive role model for young readers. Iona isn’t perfect. She fumbles through life and is impulsive, not thinking through all of her actions. Despite this, she does overcome, embracing what is important in life...a key lesson any young person can appreciate.