An Irish Fairy Tale

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Iona Fay is the first book in a series of six books about a young girl who searches for her mother in Ireland. Her journey takes her to the fairy world where she discovers that magic and fairies are more a part of the human world than she ever imagined. Ultimately, Iona must embrace the magic within her to find her mother as well as save both the fairy and human worlds. (More about the series below.)

This is a 184 page PROSE MIDDLE GRADE NOVEL for readers ages 8-14. Read a writing sample of 
Iona Fay!


"An impressive piece of writing to empower young women. It's so important to give young women a role model no matter how mythological. I mean enough of the kings, soldiers, and prince charmings. Kudos to Ms. Powers a writer in my own community making great reads."

- Gabrielle Studenmund, former editor of Self magazine

"I read an early version of Iona Fay and am sure young girls will love this contemporary fairy story. Su Jen Buchheim's illustrations are beautiful. Best of luck, Gayvin!" - Val Law, Senior Editorial Director

"l bought this book as a birthday gift for my 12-year-old daughter. She loves books and is such an avid reader--she had read most popular books for her age. I wanted to find her a book that she would connect with and inspire her. Iona Fay was everything I could have wanted! My daughter has read it twice already (in one week) and can't wait for the next book."  - Jaclyn Broussard


BOOK I: Iona Fay 
Available NOW at Amazon, Kindle, iBook, and iTunes.

To read a writing sample of Iona Fay, click on Iona Fay Excerpt.

COMING 2018!

BOOK 3: Iona Fay & The Sea Spirits


& The Fire Keepers




A desperate Iona secretly searches for clues about her father's death, traveling to the dark caverns of Northern Ireland, where the dangerous fire keepers dwell. Little does she know, her actions will lead her onto a quest that her grandfather started centuries earlier and never finished. It's a journey that will reveal more about her family, fairy magic, and friendship than she knew was possible. While on this a mission to bring her family home, Iona will face the unknown and begin a greater journey than she ever imagined.